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Writing Desk

An Interactive Fiction game where you write all the fiction 路 By SuperBiasedGary


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Writing Desk 0.50 -
Version 0.50 is out now, it's been a while! After the last release I got some very valuable feedback that I needed to percolate and play with for a while. After...
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馃帀 Open Beta 馃帀 Randomised Stories for All
Version 0.41 is out and with it I'm officially making this a public beta! I plan to actually tweet out about the game now and do the tiniest effort of self prom...
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Beta 0.40 Patch Notes - Scroll baby scroll
Ok wow, it has been nearly 4 and a half months since the June update. And there is good reason for that, because I have been continuously working and not just o...
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Alpha 0.22 Patch Notes - Get Your Stories Out Of My Game
This updates focuses on two things in particular. The whole tooltip system has been reworked, instead of floating with the cursor they now just get displayed on...
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Alpha 0.21 Patch Notes - Content鈩笍 and Saving
This has been another big update. Since adding the basic concept of branching paths, I've been fleshing out a lot of the game around that. Including new types o...
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Alpha 0.20 Patch Notes - At Crossroads
Hoo boy, this update took a while because it was a big change. I changed how the story progresses so it's no longer purely linear. Now the story can go through...
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Alpha 0.12 Patchnotes - Tutorials and Settings
Another update! This is a more significant change, adding a couple new features. Still relatively small, but paving the way for some bigger stuff to come soon...
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Alpha 0.11 Patchnotes - The Quality of Life Update or Why Didn't I Do These in the First Place?
Just over one week out from the first shared Unity build, big thanks to all the testers who've helped with figuring out some quality of life improvements and cl...
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This ended up being a very interesting tool for creative writing. The prompts were a very good balance of things that ar...
started by theSchap Mar 10, 2018
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