A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This is an interactive fiction game currently in open beta. The game randomly generates prompts that you then turn into passages that you write. The game gives you a framework and structure with some rules, but then the rest is up to you.

Here's some examples the game might generate for you for various elements of the story: 

  • Setting: Jill's gaudy town that feeds the brave demon
  • Setting: The loyalty mine of the ancient farmer
  • Hero: The beautiful apocalypse-sorcerer of the broken fire
  • Hero: The prophetic snake who blesses dancers
  • Hero: The Defeated, Outdated Monster who purifies
  • Quest: hunt the reluctant hunt or the unprotected archer will try to lie
  • Quest: resist the created daemon of the confident gargoyle
  • Quest: Do not lie, and obtain the friendly dog
  • Ally: The Persuasive Snake that tries to defeat the companions
  • Ally: The overzealous beauty that the Antagonist can kill
  • Antagonist: The broken demon-knight of the green castle
  • Antagonist: The Constructed Sage of the temperamental fool
  • Antagonist: The Quiet Daemon who burns the ghost
  • Obstacle: The animalistic talent that the Antagonist won't hunt
  • Obstacle: The constructed ghost that the Antagonist needs to bless

From whatever prompt you choose, the player fleshes out the character by writing it up in a short description. The arc of the story develops as the game asks you to write more passages, pushing the story in different directions. It's mechanically simple, with much of the focus on the player narratively deciding what seems appropriate to happen, with the game presenting unexpected information to complicate things.

Once you finish a story, you can export it as a HTML file containing all the passages you've gone through, so you can keep it for posterity and even share it online. Note that on Android, you need to find the files using a file browsing app because I don't yet have elegant file handling for Android exports.

This game is currently still in Beta, so there's more functionality to be added, bug fixes, UI improvements and prompt writing to be done. However it is a working game and you can write complete stories in it, I've done several. I can't confirm if the Mac and Linux builds work fully as I don't have the means to test them personally.

See the Google Doc below for further installation on how to set up, play and mod the game:


Feel free to get in contact with me if you have feedback, suggestions or stories you made and want to share:


Writing Desk 0.50 Windows 23 MB
Writing Desk 0.50 Mac 27 MB
Writing Desk 0.50 Linux 27 MB
WritingDesk 0.50 Android 36 MB

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