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Everyone has always shown You the path to follow. And so You do, because you ____ ____ ____ want to end up with Him.
But then You can play again, maybe if You say something different ___ ____ ____ to Her, it could go another way.
Maybe You'll even see the hidden _____ ____ ____ __ _ ____ End.

A visual novel about words and choices being hidden from You until you find a way to reveal them.

📝 6000 words
💿 4 songs, including a dynamic track
☠️ 5 dead ends
❌ 1 false end
🕛 1 ____ End 

Art by @esshemasha on twitter.

Localisation to Simplified Chinese by Warlocs:
Hannah Lu - Localisation and QA
Michael Stein - Localisation Management

Content warnings for:

  • Violence and Death - specifically text descriptions of violent death with some sound effects
  • Text descriptions of blood
  • Homophobia
  • Sexism

The soundtrack is also available on bandcamp (streaming for free or download for the same price as here).

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py, FL Studio
TagsHorror, Lesbian, LGBTQIA, Multiple Endings, Psychological Horror, Queer, Romance, Short
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Soundtrack


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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com__et - Windows/Linux 361 MB
Version 1.2
com__et - Mac 347 MB
Version 1.2
com__et - Android 373 MB
com__et Soundtrack 64 MB
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A game about the chains that bind us. Whether those chains keep us apart or bring us together is not up to fate, it's up to you.

I wish real life had a save/load feature.


I really loved the concept of this and all the mysteries within! 


Hello! I just bought this game in the Queer Games Bundle 2024. While it was advertised as including a Steam key, when I attempt to redeem it I am getting the error: "There are no keys available at this time, try again later" I would appreciate if this could be resolved ASAP!

Thank you for flagging this! I've added a few keys I have left, if you try claim again when you see this. I'm also requesting a bigger batch from Steam so if those get snapped up before you get the chance,then there'll be more very soon.

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Lovely game, great premise, I really enjoyed this!

The concept of sentences in the game, but new words completely changing the meaning of the sentences when they’re added after a couple of runs, is really excellent.

The formatting is mildly broken on Android (outside of the regular holes, the text goes from end to end of the screen instead of end to end of the text boxes)


Hey, congrats on the game's success! What an interesting concept, as a language nerd I'm hooked.

I saw that your game is part of the Queer Games bundle 2024, and my team and I are currently working on a volunteer project about queer games for Pride Month. In short, we want to translate a queer game for free to give visibility to LGBT gaming! Would you be interested?

Please message me on Twitter @Liar_is_fire, or on Discord to liarfires so I can give you more info! 

Hi, I am looking for horror games for a co-op bundle. If you are interested
Itch.io Roaring Summer Bundle - itch.io

hey so i recently got this game from a bundle and it just kind of. refuses to start? i didnt see any recent comments about it so im posting about it on here

heres a screenshot of the traceback and log files:

Hi there! This is probably due to a recent update, so I'll take a look and see what's up. Thank you for flagging this!

Ok I've done a new update, if you could delete your current version and re-download it should work now. Sorry about that!


it works now!! thank you :D


Just finished this, and it was fantastic. The thing with the "affect__ion" meter is  brilliant, as was everything else using that same mechanic. The story was also really good and used that mechanic very well. Want to avoid spoilers, so that's all I'll say, but delightful.

Thank you for playing and enjoying it!


Loved it :-)
I don't want to spoil things but it's a short, quietly intense game. If you encounter text that's hard/impossible to read, just move on - it'll become clear later. I played it over a few shortish sessions to savour it for a longer time.

This looks neat, but I'm a bit concerned about readability of the text. In one of the screenshots, there is very dark pink text on semi transparent background, and that text is almost unreadable for me.
Are there options to adjust text colour/background/contrast?

Hi there! I actually got some feedback about this a while back, but only with this comment did I notice that I never updated the screenshot example. 

A shadow was added to all the colour text to help with this readability. If you check that same screenshot I have updated it to what the game looks like now, it's hopefully clearer!


Thank you so much! The same screenshot is now perfectly readable even for my messed up eyes. Look forward to playing the game when I get the chance <3


I thought this was really clever and a fun subversion of dating sim visual novels, but also somehow manages to be commentary on queer people trying to survive within heteronormativity?? Love it, love to see it. 


very pleased to see the full release!! the affect__ion meter is really neat


Thank you! That meter gimmick was the initial seed of an idea that everything else spun out of.